Job Posting

Job Title:  House Walker - Day Shift

Position Summary

Effectively observes, monitors and reacts to activities in the chicken houses by walking through the houses on a regular basis.  Always ensuring the required and necessary health measures for the chickens.

Key Duties & Responsibilities: 

Includes the following.  Other duties may apply or be assigned.

  • Ensures chickens have an adequate supply of feed and water and that the lighting system is functioning properly; immediately reports any problems to supervisor.

  • Operates safely and in a manner that mitigates any health risks to self, others and the livestock.

  • Checks the pit area for leaks and ensures that manure stays dry.

  • Monitors chicken houses for egg jams on conveyers.

  • Ensures proper egg flow throughout the chicken houses.

  • Sweeps and cleans the chicken houses on a daily basis.


  1. Safety- To ensure all safety standards are met and followed to the fullest. Must be alert at all times and use best common judgement.

  2. Housekeeping-To ensure the chicken houses are maintained - clean and litter free at all times… i.e. sweeping, dusting and debris removal are all mandatory parts of housekeeping.

  3. Security-To ensure the chicken houses are secure at all times, i.e. checking all access doors and making sure they are closed at all times.

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