75th Anniversary


We're excited to be celebrating 75 years of EGGSellence at Braswell Family Farms! Stay tuned on updates, events, and more!


In the Begginning...


The beginnings of our company extend back to the 19th century on the site of Boddie Mill, built in 1834. The mill is just a few miles outside of Nashville, NC on Boddie Millpond, a historic site that was originally part of the Boddie land grant. At that time, the mill was used to grind corn using a water-powered grist mill.

In 1943, my great-great-uncle J.M. and great-grandad E.G Braswell purchased Boddie Mill. They laid the foundation of our family’s company, providing Boddie Mill corn meal for all to enjoy in their favorite recipes.  In 1956, Ronald (who I called Papa) and great-uncle Gene Braswell, sons of E.G., returned from the military service and began working in the family business.


In 1969, Ronald and Gene decided to purchase and modernize an old mill in Nashville from the Wayne Feeds franchise. The mill would service the ever-growing needs of our blossoming pullet business and provide feed for local families for their livestock.  Back in those days, most folks were closer to a farm and had a couple chickens, pigs, and cows.

In 1979, the company extended into the third generation with the entrance of my dad, Scott Braswell, son of Ronald.  Dad's focus, even early on, was developing innovative pullet and commercial laying hen complexes that produced quality pullets and eggs in the most efficient manner. 

Under Scott’s leadership as President, and God’s grace, our family’s business has grown to provide both local and sustainably-farmed eggs and feed to customers up and down the east coast of the United States. 


My dad always tells me that one of the best gifts his father gave him before he passed away was taking a chance and becoming a founding partner of Eggland’s Best Eggs. Just before my Papa, Ronald, passed away in 1991, he invested in the beginnings of our Eggland’s Best franchise.  This placed us on the leading edge of marketing innovation and the highest standards of quality and consumer confidence.  Since then, we have worked diligently to become a premier provider of Eggland’s Best and other premium private label eggs and feed.

In 2008, I joined the company as the fourth generation.  I recognize that those who came before me put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get the company to where it is today.  My desire is to continue to build on the strong foundation and seek to honor Christ as we build this business to make an eternal impact on folks that we cross paths with.  Our company is the Lord’s and we intend to see it flourish as a testimony to His grace.


Ronald “Trey” Braswell, III

Long Line of Eggs



Braswell Family Farms began as Boddie Milling Company, producing corn meal.


Braswell Milling Company is established, selling feed and raising baby chicks, known as pullets.


Scott Braswell joins company full-time.


Scott Braswell builds Red Hill Eggs farm.


Braswell becomes founding member of Eggland's Best.


Scott Braswell becomes President.


Trey Braswell joins full-time.


Trey Braswell takes helm of Braswell Family Farms as the fourth-generation company President.


Braswell Family Farms is one of the largest feed producers on the east coast.