75th Anniversary

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Then & Now...

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Our Family

Our business began with just two employees, E.G. and Joe Braswell, who happen to also be our founders. 1969, the brother hired 3 employees to assist them in all areas of the business. Just 22 years later, our company family grew to 40 employees that are pictured above.

Today, we are one of the largest employers in Nash County, with more than 200 team members. Many of our employees have been with us for 10 or more years and we attribute our growth and quality products to their dedication.

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Our Mill

Boddie Mill began the roots of our company in Nashville, NC. Originally owned by Nathan Boddie, then G.M Strickland, it was sold in 1943 to E.G. and Joe Braswell on credit that they paid off over a course of nine years working for Mr. Strickland. The original mill produced corn meal used for baking and frying that was sold all over Nash County. In 1969, Gene and Ronald Braswell decided to purchase a small feed mill that stood where our current milling operation is today.

In the span of 50 years, our milling operation has evolved with new technologies and enhancements to produce 220,000 tons of feed a year to supply feed for our hens as well as feed for poultry and swine farms across the east coast.

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Our Facilities

In the 1950s, we began raising baby chicks, known as pullets in houses like the one above for local farmers in the area. A few years later, Gene and Ronald Braswell decided to keep some of the pullets until they became mature hens to produce eggs. Each year the egg business grew and in the 1980s, the brothers bought into the Eggland’s Best franchise.

Today, we produce more than 60 million eggs and have farms across North Carolina and Virginia. We produce all eggs types including conventional, cage free and organic and still raise our own pullets. Our latest farm is a state-of-the-art pasture-raised organic farm pictured above.

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"The folks behind North Carolina egg producer Braswell Family Farms recognize that sometimes their employees need extra help coping with hardship. Five years ago, the company enlisted Corporate Chaplains of America to provide crisis care to employees 24/7. Workers have access to a chaplain who can help them manage grief, deal with home problems or simply act as a listener."

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