Meet Scott Braswell

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Ronald Scott Braswell, Jr. After the passing of his father in 1991, Scott stepped forward to lead the company his family built over the past two generations.

Scott’s time at Braswell Family Farms didn’t start there. Growing up, Scott worked part-time running an egg sales route and helping out in various other ways. Scott recalls tagging along with his father to work as young as 8, when he would sit on top of the corn bins at the feed mill.

In 1975, when Scott was a senior in high school he made his first contribution to the business by purchasing a plot of land just north of Nashville, NC referred to as Red Hills Farms. Shortly after, he built three hen houses on the land to meet the demands of our growing egg business.

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After completing the construction of the first few houses at Red Hills, Scott bought into the family company, purchasing a small portion of his father’s shares in the business. Later on, as Scott’s uncle Gene neared retirement, Scott and his father bought his shares of the business.

Shortly before passing, Scott’s father Ronald committed to the beginnings of the Eggland’s Best franchise. After a few years of research and development from Eggland’s Best, Braswell Family Farms produced their first Eggland’s Best specialty egg in 1995. Like his father, Scott saw Eggland’s Best as a huge opportunity for their egg business. It was the first specialty egg, that offered higher nutrition levels than any other egg.

Expansion was needed in order to grow the Braswell footprint and meet the demand for commodity and specialty eggs. With this knowledge, Scott accepted an offer from the two owners of Glenwood Farms to purchase their farm and processing facility in 1997. The acquisition of Glenwood came with additional Eggland’s Best territories. Located in Virginia, Glenwood Foods allowed Braswell Family Farms’ access into the Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey markets.

Throughout the 1990s, Scott made several acquisitions of markets and processing facilities to expand the egg business. These processing facilities were leased and paid to pack Braswell Family Farms eggs, but were not company owned. Forward thinking led Scott to begin construction on a processing facility that would be located close to our farms and with the newest technology available. The processing facility, known as Carolina Egg, was completed in 1999 and is located next to Scott’s first hen houses at Red Hills.

Under Scott’s leadership, the company saw immense expansion, putting Braswell Family Farms at the forefront of the industry. After several battles with his health, Scott decided to pass the leadership torch to his son, Trey in 2017. Scott still remains involved in the business and can always be found passing out a toy egg or advocating for the health benefits of eggs, showing his true passion for the business.


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