Meet Taylor Ridling

Braswell Family Spotlight

Our family member of the week this week is Taylor Ridling. Taylor has been with Braswell Family Farms for four and a half years, ever since she graduated from NC State University with a Poultry Science degree.

Taylor wears many hats in her role as Mill Operations Assistant, which she loves because her job is never mundane. Her day is usually spent ensuring the feed mill is running properly, buying corn for feed and maintaining the diets for our laying hens. She is also responsible for feed quality assurance, because caring for our hens and what goes into their bodies is ultimately what makes the difference in our eggs!

Speaking of eggs, Taylor likes her Braswell Family Farms eggs in their purest form – over easy! She loves the rich, running yolk, especially in a sandwich.

When not wearing her many hats at work, Taylor can be found wearing an orange hat – in the field hunting that is. She enjoys deer, rabbit and dove hunting. But the hunt is over for her husband-to-be, Harry, because they are getting married in 17 days! Congratulations to you both!

braswell family farms taylor ridling.jpg