Meet Anthony Brinkley

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Anthony Brinkley, one of our Feed Mill Operators. Anthony usually starts his day by loading feed trucks that are bound for our farms and other farms across the Carolinas. He then writes and pulls feed samples and sends them to labs to ensure we meet our mission of providing the highest quality feed. Anthony also mixes feed ingredients to make different formulas of feed to meet the needs of the livestock we are feeding.

Anthony has been a Braswell Family Farms family member for 22 years, but his relationship with the Braswells reaches past those 22 years. Anthony’s father and uncle worked at the Braswells’ original milling location at Boddie Mill. Anthony recalls that Gene Braswell would pick up his father and uncle and take them to the mill for work. It was only natural that Anthony began his career here at the young age of 19.

Over his 22 years at Braswell, Anthony has worked in most areas of the business. He began his career delivering pullets before moving to our Red Hills farm where he was responsible for multiple things including gathering eggs. Now, Anthony enjoys his role as a Feed Mill Operator and he even delivers feed on occasion.

Anthony’s favorite memory at Braswell is when he would deliver pullets. He would have to get up at as early as 2 or 3 a.m. and make deliveries that would sometimes require an overnight stay. He enjoyed getting an early start and seeing and meeting different customers.

In his free time, Anthony can be found grilling. He is famous for his barbecue sauce, ribs, and chicken. He is also gaining a reputation for his pound cake, a recipe that he got from our transportation manager, Stephen.

Although grilling is his area of expertise, Anthony enjoys firing up the skillet for his Braswell Family Farms eggs. He likes them best sunny side up or in an omelet. Stay tuned for his recipes featured in our 75th Anniversary Cookbook!