Braswell Family Farms Recognized as Family Business of the Year

Braswell Family Farms, one of the foremost producers of premium and specialty eggs and feed on the East Coast, has been named one of the family businesses of the year in the Triangle Business Journal’s annual Family Business Awards. The award honors multi-generational, family-owned businesses for overall excellence, innovation, ethics, philanthropy and contribution to the strength of the region.

“The two greatest motivations for my family to be in this business are our desire to love on and take care of our team that doesn’t share our last name but is absolutely a part of the family,” said Trey Braswell, President of Braswell Family Farms. “Also, to fund the incredible Christ honoring work that so many organizations are doing locally and internationally.”

Braswell Family Farms gives all the glory to God and the dedication of their employees for the success of the company. Trey took the baton, from his father Scott, in 2017 as president and announced the re-branding of the company to Braswell Family Farms to pay homage to the past three generations of the business and exemplifies the family culture. Braswell Family Farms is one of the leading employers in Nash County.

Braswell Family Farms began as Boddie Milling in 1943 when E.G. and Joe Braswell purchased the mill from G.M. Strickland, whom they had worked for, for several years. The brothers produced corn meal for more than 20 years before purchasing a mill in the heart of Nashville and starting Braswell Milling Company. E.G.’s sons, Gene and Ronald, continued to run the feed mill and began raising immature hens known as pullets, eventually leading to the egg production side of the farm. Shortly before his passing in 1991, Ronald invested in the beginnings of the Eggland’s Best franchise, a landmark decision in the history of the company. Through the leadership of Ronald’s son, Scott, the company became one of the leading egg and feed producers in the country.

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