Meet Lisa Lewis

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Lisa Lewis, our Vice President of Accounting. Lisa began her career at Braswell Family Farms 35 years ago as her first job out of college.

Lisa started out transferring the paper ledgers in the accounting department to a computer program on our company’s first computer. As the years went on, Lisa helped with various IT and accounting roles, from the automation of our feed mill to transferring the laying hen records to a computer system.

Lisa enjoys the people she has worked with over the years and the family environment that she has so long been apart of.

A fun fact about Lisa is she drove a school bus in high school, picking up her fellow peers to take them to school. She was also very avid in 4-H growing up, what she attributes to a wide variety of skills she has today. One of those skills is photography, which is Lisa’s favorite hobby now. You can catch her snapping photos at most company events.

Lisa likes her Braswell Family Farms eggs scrambled, deviled, or baked into a chocolate pie.

Thank you for your longtime service Lisa!