Meet Allyson Parris

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Allyson Parris, our Director of Food Safety and Compliance Stewardship. Allyson ensures we are staying true to our commitments to environmental stewardship, animal welfare, food safety and quality assurance. She works with every aspect of our farm, from the feed mill, to the hen houses, to the distribution center to assure all of our standards are being met.

Allyson began her career at Braswell Family Farms one year ago yesterday – happy work anniversary Allyson! Her husband found out about the opportunity through his C12 group, which happened to include our Chief Financial Officer, Ryan. Allyson said that the family atmosphere attracted her to Braswell and she finds her role very rewarding because she knows she is keeping people and our hens safe.

In her free time, Allyson enjoys spending time with her 9 year-old daughter and taking her to different events in the area with their friends. She also enjoys crafts and DIY projects and going to the lake on the weekends.

Allyson loves her Braswell Family Farms eggs over easy with the runny yolk dripping over a warm piece of toast, even though she’s still working on mastering her egg-flipping skills.

We have a little secret to help those struggling to master the over easy egg, start with a well-greased pan and when the egg is ready to flip, tilt the pan so the egg rolls onto your spatula giving it a more gentle roll instead of a true flip!