Meet Valentina Martinez

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Valentina Martinez, she began working at Braswell Family Farms in 2012. She is now a leader on the floor at our distribution center and helps sort and pack eggs into cartons.

Although Valentina started working here five years ago, she has grown up around Braswell Family Farms because both of her parents work here. After some time at the farm, Valentina also met her now husband at Braswell. Talk about an “eggcellent” family!

What does Valentina look forward to most in 2018? Spending time with her daughter Valerie, who will be one year old in March. You might also catch her playing with the tablet and TV she won at the Braswell Family FarmsChristmas party!

As for her Braswell Family Farms eggs, Valentina likes them scrambled with pepper or cheese.