Meet Larry Lynch

Braswell Family Spotlight

Our family spotlight this week is on Larry Lynch. Larry has been a Braswell family member for 18 years this week - happy work anniversary!

Larry is on our maintenance team at our largest egg farm, Red Hill. Larry spends his days making sure the hens have enough feed and water and everything is running smoothly in the hen houses.

Larry is a down-home kind of guy, so he appreciates that Braswell is close to home. Many of Larry's family members also work at Braswell, so the family atmosphere that we relish so much is quite literal for him!

When Larry isn't spending time in hen houses, he likes to go fishing or watch UNC basketball and is especially excited for March Madness. 

Larry likes his Braswell Family Farms eggs fried or scrambled but if his sweet tooth strikes, he'll take them in a simple chocolate cake.