Meet Amy Sweem

Braswell Family Spotlight

Introducing Amy Sweem, our Accounting Specialist at Braswell Family Farms. Amy has a knack for numbers and oversees invoices to be paid and received for the egg side of our business. She also posts payments and works with our customers to ensure business is flowing smoothly.

Amy has been a family member for three years and was approached about the position here in a very special way. Amy and her husband attend church with Mr. Gene Braswell, one of the second-generation owners of our company. Gene asked Amy if she would be interested in the position and the rest is history! 

We're so glad Gene has an eye for great people because Amy fits right in. Her favorite part about her job is the atmosphere and people she works with.

In her free time, you can find Amy in her pasture looking after the cows, goats and one donkey that her and her husband own. They also have a one year old son that will soon be a big brother! Congratulations Amy!

As for her Braswell Family Farms eggs, Amy likes them best scrambled.