Meet Ben Smith

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Ben Smith, one of our drivers that delivers eggs to grocery stores and distribution centers across North Carolina. Ben joined the Braswell family four years ago and says “he never looked back.” His wife found the job opening online and Ben recalls that he interviewed the same day he applied.

Ben loves the opportunity to meet new people as he travels across the state delivering eggs. His favorite conversations are those that come up about our truck doors. On the back doors of our trucks are Bible verses and some even have an image of Jesus on the cross. Ben recalls countless times when people have stopped him and even gotten out of their cars in traffic to tell him how much of an encouragement the scripture was to them.

Ben is a people person and takes pride in his work that he does. One store manager commented to him that Braswell Family Farms’ drivers are the most professional and polite drivers he has worked with.

In his free time, you can find Ben fishing, watching drag racing or spending time with his two daughters.

As for his Braswell Family Farms eggs, Ben likes them scrambled with cheese or in a chocolate cake.