Meet Kevin Barlow

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Kevin Barlow, our Complex Manager at our largest farm and processing facility. Kevin’s day-to-day routine changes depending on the challenges that each day holds. Overall, Kevin overlooks our Red Hills farm, where the majority of our eggs are produced. He also manages the operations at our Carolina Egg processing facility where all of our eggs are washed and packed into cartons and cases.

Kevin has been a Braswell family member for 28 years. He first began his career here as a driver at our Virginia facility. He was promoted to various roles throughout his time there, including Distribution Manager, Plant Supervisor, and Corporate Safety Manager for both of our processing facilities. Two years ago, Kevin moved to our North Carolina to serve in his current role and we are so glad to have him here!

The part Kevin most enjoys about his job are the people he works with, although its hard to rival the time he gets to spend with his two grandchildren.

When Kevin isn’t working or spending time with his family, he can be found fox and deer hunting with his son or playing golf.

As for his Braswell Family Farms eggs, he likes them scrambled with cheese or baked into a chocolate cake.