Meet Sirena Powell

Braswell Family Spotlight

Introducing Sirena Powell, who serves as our lead on the back line of our egg packing. Her day-to-day includes setting the cartons in each egg packing machine, to ensure they are packed correctly and do not break. She also fixes the packers if any cartons get jammed or have been damaged.

Sirena has been a Braswell Family Farms family member for 3 years and she says she enjoys working alongside her coworkers the most. Sirena recounts that her and her fellow packers enjoy building each other up and she takes joy in making the laugh each day.

Sirena also enjoys learning about the different types of eggs, from white to brown, to cage free, organic and pasture-raised. She likes to try different types when she’s baking, which is quite often. Everyone in her family asks her to bake desserts like lemon cake, pineapple cake, sweet potato pie, and deviled eggs.

When Sirena isn’t baking, you can find her in Enfield, NC, working as a nurse to care for six autistic adults there. Sirena looks forward to these days when she gets to spend time this group, and often will bring them a sweet treat too. Keep up the good work, Sirena!