First Egg Laid at Second Pasture-Raised Farm

Our First Egg Has Been Laid at our Second Pasture-Raised Farm!

Our second pasture-raised farm is in full production! This winter, we partnered with a local producer to populate his farm with young hens that began laying eggs in late March. 

These hens have 12.5 acres to roam and like our first pasture-raised farm, they have a variety of vegetation to munch on. When it comes time to lay their eggs, the hens go inside and find their designated nest that rests on a slight tilt. Once the egg is laid, the slight tilt of the nest allows the egg to gently roll to a specially-designed conveyor belt that transports it to the front of the house. Here, a farmer places the egg in a tray that is sent to our facility in Nashville, NC to be washed, packed into cartons and sent to you!

Keep an eye out for our pasture-raised eggs under the Born Free brand at Lowes Foods, Food City, America’s Food Basket, and select Weis Markets.