First Egg Laid at our First Free Range Farm

Our First Egg Has Been Laid at our First Free Range Farm!

Our first free range farm is in full production! This spring, we partnered with a local producer to populate his farm with young hens that began laying eggs on May 30th!

These hens have just shy of 2 acres to roam and like our pasture-raised farms, they have a variety of vegetation to munch on. They will lay their eggs typically first thing in the morning.  They then will have access to spend the remainder of the day outside, weather permitting.  At dusk to hens will come back inside to perch for the night. Once the egg is laid, the slight tilt of the nest allows the egg to gently roll to a specially-designed conveyor belt that transports it to the front of the house. Here, a farmer places the egg in a tray that is sent to our facility in Nashville, NC to be washed, packed into cartons and sent to you!

Keep an eye out for our free range eggs under the Wild Harvest brand at retailers in the Mid-Atlantic region!