Meet Our Growers - Scott Crowder

Meet the Faces Behind the Eggs

Meet Scott Crowder, one of the farmers that partners with Braswell Family Farms to produce our delicious eggs. Scott has been raising poultry for 16 years, but this is his first flock with Braswell. He decided to make the change after learning more about our mission and values via our website.

As most farmers, agriculture was sown into Scott’s family. During the Great Depression, his great-grandfather purchased the land that Scott still farms today. When he turned 19, Scott bought the farm with help from his father-in-law. Scott’s career took him from working in feed mills to hauling dairy feed to working for Sunshine Feed for many years. Eventually, Scott began farming full-time.

Today, Scott grows tobacco, hay and raises cows in addition to managing his two hen houses on his southern Virginia farm. Scott’s hens are certified free range, meaning they have daily access to the outdoors with two square feet of space per bird (per Certified Humane standards) and are sold under the Wild Harvest brand.

An average day for Scott begins at 6 a.m. when he begins collecting eggs. Scott usually finishes his day by 7 p.m. by preparing the feed for the next morning. Scott enjoys the steady challenge of raising hens and the methodical work behind it. Perhaps that’s why if you ask him what his hobby is, he will say work!

A fun fact about Scott is that he has a very good memory and can memorize license plate numbers after seeing them just once. He also loves to tinker with machinery. He was so intrigued by objects as a child that his grandfather called him “fingers,” because of his habit of touching everything.

As for his eggs, Scott likes them best scrambled, but they must be just right. “They can’t be too stiff or runny, just firm.”

Thank you, Scott for choosing to grow your flock with us! We hope it leads to years of partnership!