Pink Deviled Eggs

Pink Deviled Eggs

This recipe comes from our friends at Glean and uses their delicious beet powder! The powder gives the egg whites a pink color perfect for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or baby showers.

  • Yield: 4 servings

  • Prep time: 20 minutes

  • Cook time: 45 minutes

  • Total time: 1 hour 5 minutes



  1. Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan; add water to depth of 3 inches. Bring to a boil; cover, remove from heat, and let stand 15 minutes.

  2. While eggs boil, fill a bowl (big enough to hold the eggs) with water.  Add equal parts beet powder and white vinegar and stir well to combine. 

  3. Drain immediately and fill the saucepan with cold water and ice. Tap each egg firmly on the counter to crack. Peel under cold running water.

  4. Slice eggs in half lengthwise and carefully remove yolks.  Soak egg white halves in the beet vinegar mixture until dyed pink (longer means darker!), about 30 minutes. 

  5. Mash yolks with mayonnaise. Add relish, mustard, salt, and pepper; stir well. Add more mayonnaise or mustard depending on desired texture and flavor.

  6. Remove egg whites from beet mixture and pat dry - they should be pink now!  Spoon yolk mixture into egg whites and refrigerate in a sealed container until ready to eat. 

* Vinegar is used to neutralize the beet flavor so you will not taste at all.  If you like the taste of beets, tone down the vinegar.