Meet David Mote

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet David Mote, he has been with Braswell Family Farms for five years. He began working as an egg stocker, then worked his way up to working in shipping and receiving. He now manages the cooler where we store our eggs and fulfill orders for retail stores.

David appreciates the way Braswell rewards their employees with gifts throughout the year – like two weeks ago when everyone in the company received a gift card for Thanksgiving to purchase whatever they needed for their families.

When asked how he likes his Braswell Family Farms eggs, he said likes them two ways - boiled with Valentina hot sauce or he drinks them raw with orange juice. To each their own!

In his free time, David enjoys playing soccer. We can’t help but think those raw, Braswell Family Farms eggs contribute to his “eggcellent” footwork on the field.