Meet Lakesha Wilson

Braswell Family Spotlight

This week we are spotlighting Lakesha Wilson, a Braswell Family Farms family member for three years. Lakesha works on our “line” at our Carolina Egg facility, which means she packs the eggs after they are sorted by size and pushes them down the conveyor belt to be packed.

Lakesha loves helping others and usually can because she is so fast at her job. Some people call her the energizer bunny! Lakesha has so much energy that she lost 61 pounds after working at Braswell, which she attributes to being more active on the job. Way to go Lakesha!

Just before Thanksgiving, Lakesha mentioned to her coworker Tamra, how much she missed the pecan pie that her grandmother used to make before she passed. The next Monday, Tamra brought Lakesha a pecan pie just like her grandmother used to make. What a sweet gift from a fellow Braswell family member!

This holiday season, Lakesha is looking forward to spending time with her two daughters, Amya and Jada. Together, they’ll enjoy Braswell Family Farms eggs baked in chocolate cake or if they’re lucky, pecan pie.