Meet Eric Eppes

Braswell Family Spotlight

This week, our spotlight is on Eric Eppes. Eric is our Distribution Manager at our Virginia office. He began his career with Braswell Family Farms more than 25 years ago working on the farm on the weekends when he was in high school. After serving in the Air Force for six years he returned back to Braswell and worked his way up through various roles in our shipping facility to eventually become Distribution Manager.

Eric places orders for eggs for our retail customers in Virginia up to New York and schedules the deliveries for the eggs.

When asked what he likes about working at Braswell Family Farms, he said “It means a lot that they are so family-oriented. They have treated me very well over the years.” Eric also mentioned working with Willie and how the company brought them together as coworkers, but most importantly as friends, 25 years ago.

Eric is described as an easy-going guy, and it shows in how he likes his eggs prepared. He said he’ll take them scrambled, boiled, or over-easy with some toast and fried potatoes.

Speaking of food, Eric loves to cook. He is famous for his lasagna, chili, and macaroni and cheese. It sounds like we need to have a Braswell Family Farms potluck soon!