Meet Kenith Williams

Braswell Family Spotlight

Kenith Williams is our family spotlight this week. Kenith has been with us for 11 years as our Diesel Technician and mechanic at our Virginia facility. If any vehicles break-down, from tractor trailers to pallet jacks, he is the go-to man!

Kenith says he “just loves to turn a wrench" and we are thankful he does! He has the patience to ensure every vehicle is running properly, providing a safe workplace for all of our Virginia-located family members.

As most of our spotlights have indicated, Kenith loves the people he works with and the work environment they create. He mentioned that the open communication between him and his team members has allowed him to not only facilitate better relationships at work but also to complete his job more efficiently.

As far as eggs go, Kenith likes his Braswell Family Farms eggs over-well, please no jammy yolk for him!

A fun fact about Kenith is he has five grandchildren, three of which were born this year!