Meet Will Phelps

Braswell Family Spotlight

We’d like to introduce you to Will Phelps, our “family member” of the week. Will delivers Braswell Family Farms eggs to customers all over the Virginia area. He said he loves the people he works with, both at Braswell and the customers he delivers to.

Will found out about the opportunity to be a truck driver for Braswell Family Farms 13 years ago when his niece was competing in a pageant with a daughter of our then Distribution Manager, Willie - whom we spotlighted last week. One thing led to another and Will was hired even though he didn’t have the necessary certification to drive a tractor trailer at that time. Willie worked with him to attain his Class A license and he has enjoyed his time here ever since!

This relationship with Willie and other family members at Braswell Family Farms is what Will attributes to the exceptional work atmosphere that makes doing his job so much more enjoyable.

Another thing to be enjoyed are his Braswell Family Farms eggs, which Will likes baked into chocolate or lemon meringue pies.