Meet Woody Harper

Braswell Family Spotlight

We would like to introduce you to Woody Harper, our Field Maintenance Manager at Braswell Family Farms. Woody’s day-to-day includes troubleshooting maintenance repairs from electrical and plumbing, to the upkeep on equipment.

Most of Woody’s time is spend in our pullet houses, where we house our immature hens before they are old enough to lay eggs. Once the pullets mature and move from their pullet house to their laying house, Woody examines the water and feed lines to ensure they are running properly. He also assesses the brooders in each house. Brooders are large lamp-like lights that keep the baby pullets warm and help them mature.

Woody has been a Braswell Family Farms family member for 40 years but his relationship with the Braswell family goes back even further. Gene Braswell approached Woody’s father to become the mechanic at Braswell. His father agreed and built the shop that stands beside our mill.

Woody has served many positions and completed many jobs during his time here. He is most proud of building all of the electrical control boxes at our Red Hill pullet houses and integrated the Repete processing system at our feed mill.

Woody admits that he’s a bit of a workaholic and enjoys fixing lawn movers and 4-wheelers in his personal shop at his home. When’s he’s not deep in electrical work, Woody likes to visit the mountains and ride his own 4-wheelers.

When it comes to his Braswell Family Farms eggs, Woody enjoys his in an omelet with cheese, ham, and onions.