Meet Chuck McGee

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Chuck McGee, our Transportation Manager at our distribution center. Chuck has been a consultant for Braswell Family Farms for three years and decided to join us full-time one month ago!

As Transportation Manager, Chuck coordinates the pickup of eggs from our farms across the state and how and when those eggs will be distributed to our customers. 

When asked what he enjoys about his career, Chuck says he likes the challenge of organizing schedules to allow for the most efficient pickups and deliveries. We are thankful that he enjoys this aspect as well, because without him our eggs would not reach their final destination - you! 

In his free time, Chuck enjoys restoring old cars. He has two Corvettes, a 1971 and 1975, that he restored himself. 

Chuck likes his Braswell Family Farms eggs scrambled with bacon, a crowd favorite at Braswell. But given a sweeter option, he likes them blended into a nice, homemade ice cream.