Meet Alvin Hanson

Braswell Family Spotlight

This week we are spotlighting Alvin Hanson, a farm worker at our largest farm, Red Hill.

As a farm worker, Alvin has a variety of duties which can include checking the hen houses and making sure all the hens are happy and everything is running smoothly. Sometimes it's not the most glamorous part of the egg business but it is necessary for sure!

Alvin has been with Braswell for 4 years and found out about the job opening from his friend who is a truck driver here. Alvin enjoys the work environment at Braswell and likes that he can pace out his days to get the most accomplished.

A fun fact about Alvin is he is a minister at Divine Faith Church in Rocky Mount, NC and will be preaching on Palm Sunday this month.

When asked what dish he is most looking forward to for Easter, he replied, "Homemade potato salad."

If Alvin isn't enjoying his Braswell Family Farms eggs in a potato salad, you can guarantee they are scrambled with cheese and bacon.