Meet Zeferino Chavez

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Zeferino Chavez, he supervises the processing area in our distribution center known as Carolina Egg. Zeferino's day-to-day includes supervising our team members to ensure the correct eggs are being packed into the correct cartons and the expiration dates and pack dates are precise. 

Zeferino has been a Braswell Family Farms team member for 18 years, where he started on the pallet line, loading eggs onto pallets to be shipped to customers. He was promoted several times after that to eventually become the processing area supervisor. 

Zeferino enjoys working at Braswell because he has met many friends through his career here. He likes the good work environment that is steady and dependable.

In his spare time, Zeferino likes to spend time on his computer researching various things or doing some online shopping. 

If Zeferino isn't having his Braswell Family Farms eggs scrambled or fried, he enjoys them baked into a tres leche cake - a traditional Hispanic dessert that we recommend trying if you haven't already!