Egg-cellent Intelligence - Egg Types

The Key to Understanding Egg Labels

Grocery shopping can become tiresome and confusing after reading all the different claims and labels on the food we buy. We know this shouldn't be the case, so earlier this week we broke down the difference between the three commonly confused hen environments. Today, we are cracking the difference between egg colors and types that you typically see at your neighborhood grocery store.

Braswell Family Farms produces all egg types, from conventional, organic, and vegetarian-fed to cage free and pasture raised eggs. We are proud to supply each of these egg types to meet the needs of all consumers.

Note: the nutritional value of eggs depends on the feed it consumes, not the color of the egg or the environment in which the hen was raised. 


These eggs were laid by hens who consumed all vegetarian diet and can be raised in conventional barns or cage free barns. 


The color of an egg depends on the color of the ear lobe on the laying hen. Yes, ear lobe! This means that typically, but not always, a white hen will lay a white egg and a brown hen lays brown eggs. These eggs can be raised in any environment, from conventional to pasture raised.


Organic eggs are laid by hens that consume feed that is free from synthetic additives and have access to the outdoors in cage free, free range, or pasture raised environments. The land that free range or pasture raised hens roam on must be certified organic, stating that it has been free from prohibited substances for 3 years.

As stated by the USDA Organic standards.