Meet Jonathan Davis

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Jonathan Davis, a warehouse worker at our distribution site in southern Virginia. Jonathan unloads our eggs from our trucks coming from our farms and our facility in Nashville, NC and sorts them and reloads them onto the correct trucks going to our customers. 

Jonathan has been a family member at Braswell Family Farms since December. He learned about the opportunity at Braswell from his cousin who also worked here. When asked what he likes most about working here, Jonathan said, "The laid back atmosphere and freedom to get my job done in my own manner."

Recently, Jonathan has been helping his friend with her cookie business and he says that she makes the best double chocolate cookies with Braswell Family Farms eggs. If he's not eating his eggs in those delicious cookies, he likes them scrambled with cheese, pepper, onion and garlic.

A fun fact about Jonathan is he likes to crack jokes. He also enjoys singing gospel, R & B, Pop and many other types of music.