Meet Jermaine Lynch

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Jermaine Lynch, he is the flock lead at our cage-free farm in Nashville, North Carolina. Jermaine has been a Braswell Family Farms family member for two years as of May 22. Happy Work Anniversary, Jermaine!

As a flock lead, Jermaine picks up the eggs that each hen lays in their designated nest. The cage-free farm that Jermaine works at differs from other farms in that each egg is hand-collected, making Jermaine's job very important in maintaining the quality of the egg from nest to carton. Jermaine also checks on the hens to ensure they are getting adequate feed and water and are maintaining a healthy life. 

Jermaine says he enjoys everything about his job, from the people he works with, to the environment, to working with the birds. He especially likes the unique experiences he gets from working on a farm that he wouldn't have in an office or warehouse setting.

When he's not spending time with our hens, Jermaine enjoys spending time with his children and making music. He plays the drums and the piano and likes to mix the sounds together to make different melodies and harmonies.

Jermaine likes his Braswell Family Farms eggs prepared any way as long as they are well-done. No runny yolks for him, please!