Meet Leah Collins

Braswell Family Spotlight

Introducing Leah Collins, our Braswell family spotlight for the week. Leah is a Pullet Supervisor, meaning she makes certain that our pullets, or young, immature hens, are being provided the proper amount of feed, water, air ventilation, and lighting. She supervises several farms ranging from Snow Hill to Louisburg, NC. 

Leah has always been fond of the poultry industry and studied Poultry Science at NC State before beginning her career at Braswell three and a half years ago. Leah finds joy in the relationships she builds with the growers at each farm and the constant opportunities she has to learn more about the industry.

In her free time, Leah enjoys exercising, riding horses, cooking, and hanging out with her two pit bulls. But recently, she has been busy planning her wedding this fall. Congratulations to her and her fiance!

If you ask Leah, the best way to eat Braswell Family Farms eggs are simply scrambled. We can't argue with that!