Meet Jackie Bunch

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Jackie Bunch, an all-star mom of three and our Feed Mill Operations Analyst. In her role at Braswell Family Farms, Jackie works with our management team to create analytical tools to monitor the efficiency of our feed mill. She also helps our feed customers with their cost analysis on different feed formulas and assists Allyson with our feed certifications and compliance. 

Jackie has been a Braswell Family member for 14 years and heard about the opportunity from a job fair a few years after graduating with her Masters in Agriculture Business from Texas A&M. Although she spent a few years in Texas for school, she grew up in Nash County and loves North Carolina agriculture. 

Jackie's favorite part of her job is the interaction with her team and being able to help the business grow and thrive. She feels most satisfied with her work when she pulls together different parts of the business to determine a solution that benefits the team. 

When Jackie isn't analyzing the cost and pricing of feed ingredients, she is spending time with her three children. She enjoys jumping on the trampoline with them and "double bouncing" them, a trick and fun exercise that Jackie attributes to her days as a gymnast. 

No bouncy Braswell Family Farms eggs for Jackie though. Her favorite way to enjoy them is in a bacon and cheese omelet.