Meet Phyllis Hammonds

Braswell Family Spotlight

Introducing Phyllis Hammonds, our Second-Shift Leader at our processing facility in Nashville, NC. Phyllis ensures all of our eggs are packed correctly for our customers. This means she ensures expiration dates are correct and that there are no broken eggs packed into cartons and the amount of cases shipped to our customers are correct.

Phyllis has been a Braswell family member for three and a half years and heard about the position at Braswell Family Farms through friends. Her very first job was working with an egg company in her hometown of Lumberton, NC, so she knew she would enjoy the work.

Phyllis says that the people that she works with are the biggest perk of her job. Some days can get hectic, but the communication and relationships she has with her peers allow for smooth sailing. She also loves that she sees her grandson, Jaylon almost daily. He works in our processing facility as well and each day, Jaylon hugs his grandmother before starting his shift. How special!

Speaking of family, Phyllis can be found spending time with hers in her free time. She has ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild that are the apple of her eye.

When her family gathers around, she likes to use her Braswell Family Farms eggs to make potato salad or a German chocolate cake. We may have to come over for a Hammonds' family dinner!