Meet Angela Lynch

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Angela Lynch, better known as “Cookie” by her family and friends both at home and at Braswell Family Farms. When asked what her title is, she responded with “Awesome Packer,” which she definitely is!

As a packer, Cookie does just that. After our processing line automatically packs each egg into a carton, our packing team places those cartons in cases to be shipped to their final destination. During this process, our packers also spot check for cracked eggs and ensure all cartons are fit for the grocery aisle.

Cookie also serves as the head of cleanup for second shift. At the end of each night, she double checks that all packing machines have been cleaned thoroughly and are ready for the next day of processing.

Cookie has been a Braswell Family Farms family member for three years. She says it’s one of the hardest jobs she has ever had but it is the most rewarding. Cookie enjoys the company of her coworkers, the respect of her supervisors, and the family culture that Braswell cultivates. In fact, after working here, Cookie’s son and daughter both applied for jobs here!

Not only has Cookie served as our “awesome packer,” she also has served as our very own Eggland’s Best mascot! Cookie cheerfully volunteered to wear the mascot costume at East Carolina University Inaugural Agriculture Day last fall and did not disappoint! Her bubbly personality was seen through the costume to all who encountered E.B.

When she’s not dancing around in an egg suit or packing egg cartons, Cookie can be found spending time with her family. This usually involves bowling or dancing with her 15-year-old daughter, her youngest of five children.

As for her Braswell Family Farms eggs, Cookie knows just about every way to enjoy them. Together with her daughters, Cookie submitted 20 recipes for our Braswell Family Cookbook. And if you were wondering, yes, there is a recipe for cookies.