Meet Vanessa Cooper

Braswell Family Spotlight

Introducing Vanessa Cooper, one of Braswell Family Farms’ all-star packers. As a packer, Vanessa removes the egg cartons from the packing line once they are filled with eggs, and places them into cardboard boxes to be sent to our grocery customers across the Mid-Atlantic.

Vanessa has been a Braswell Family Farms family member for just one year, but she says she loves the busy, consistent pace of her job. She enjoys being focused on ensuring the integrity of the cartons and monitoring the machines that place the Eggland’s Best stamp on our eggs. She also checks the dating machine to ensure it places the correct pack date and expiration date on the cartons.

Vanessa also mentioned that she is very thankful for the people she works with. “Everyone is always helpful and jumps in to help us catch up on packing if we get behind.” She also enjoys the making conversation and having fun with her coworkers.

When she’s not packing eggs, you can find Vanessa watching “Law & Order,” Lifetime, and HGTV or shopping.

As for her Braswell Family Farms eggs, Vanessa likes them softly scrambled. But don’t let that simple answer fool you, she first sautees onions in butter and then adds eggs with salt, pepper, and cheese for a delicious breakfast treat!