Meet Cheryl Dozier

Braswell Family Spotlight

Last Friday, March 29, we celebrated Cheryl Dozier’s retirement as our Compliance Analyst at Braswell Family Farms. We are so thankful for Cheryl’s 20 years of service and dedication!

Cheryl began her career at Braswell after Hurricane Floyd damaged the chicken houses on her family’s farm. She lives two miles from our Red Hills farm in northern Nash county, so she stopped by and asked if we needed any help and the rest is history! Cheryl worked alongside Jesse Lewis, the farm manager at the time, who happens to also be Lisa Lewis’s husband! When Jesse stepped down, Cheryl took on the role as farm manager before becoming the compliance analyst.

As the compliance analyst, Cheryl ensures that our largest farm is adhering to regulations. She swabs the hens to test for common diseases and bacteria, ensuring the health and happiness of the birds and ultimately the safety and quality of the eggs they produce.

On her last day before retirement, Cheryl mentioned that she is nervous and sad about leaving. She has enjoyed making friends with her coworkers over the years. She loves different challenge that each day held in her role as compliance analyst.

Although she is sad, Cheryl is also excited to be able to spend more time with her grandchildren and is looking forward to the birth of her first grandson. Cheryl plans to start a few home-improvement projects and continue her love for gardening and looking after her three horses and dog, Charlie.

And although she won’t be as involved in the production of Braswell Family Farms eggs, we know she will still enjoy them in her favorite morning treat - an omelet with bell peppers, cheese, and bacon.

Congratulations on your retirement, Cheryl!