Meet Our Growers - Larry & Stephanie Bolick

Meet the Faces Behind the Eggs

Meet Larry and Stephanie Bolick, one of our contract farming families. The Bolick’s farm is in Alamance County and has been in Stephanie’s family for five generations.

Larry and Stephanie manage their two houses together. They both start their day a little before 5 a.m. Larry checks the temperature of the houses to ensure it is not too hot or too cold. The temperature of the house indicates to Larry and Stephanie if they need to lower or raise the curtains on the houses to create or reduce airflow. Larry also monitors the security cameras to ensure that no one has visited the houses and that the hens are safe.

Next, the couple assesses the hens’ water and feed and survey the houses by about 5:40am. They then begin to “run eggs.” Many farmers use this term because the hens lay their eggs on a gently tilted nest that allows them to roll onto a conveyor belt. When the Bolicks run their eggs, they mean they turn on the conveyor belt to carry the eggs forward to the front of the house. This allows the eggs to be collected faster, meaning they are fresher when they reach the grocery store!

Larry and Stephanie have been growing for Braswell Family Farms since 2015. Today, their flocks produce cage free eggs for many brands, one of which is found in Whole Foods stores in the Southeast under the Latta Egg Ranch brand. When asked what they enjoy most about farming for Braswell, they said, “It’s a laid back and good company with solid values. Everyone from every level of the business has been nice.” Although Larry says he “married into agriculture,” we can’t omit that his cousin is Wade Foust, another one of our contract growers!

In her free time, you can find Stephanie crafting and creating flower arrangements. Larry just enjoys spoiling his dog Bella, a Cavalier Spaniel.

As for their eggs, Larry likes them baked into a Vanilla Wafer Pound Cake. If you’re as curious as we were, no worries! Stephanie provided us with the recipe.

Thank you for your kind words and hard work, Larry and Stephanie! We hope to continue our relationship with each other for many years to come!