Meet Bhavisha Gulabrai

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Bhavisha Gulabrai, our Feed Nutrition Intern this summer. Bhavisha is a rising sophomore at North Carolina State University where she studies Animal Science.

Over the past few weeks, Bhavisha has spent the mornings shadowing Fran and Karina, helping them with checking feed tickets and data entry. In the afternoons, Bhavisha shadowed Jackie and Taylor and helped them with various tasks like testing our feed’s salt content to monitor any levels of major variation.

Bhavisha admits she began her internship at Braswell Family Farms thinking she did not want a career in the poultry industry. Now, she’s more interested in the industry - especially given the amount of poultry farms in North Carolina. Bhavisha’s true passion lays with beef cattle. She is on the show team for the N.C. State Animal Science Club.

Bhavisha has always loved animals and a career working with animals has always interested her. In fact, that is what led her to an internship with Braswell Family Farms! Bhavisha dog-sits for our company president, Trey, so when she asked if she could learn a little more about the industry, he knew she’d be a great fit.

As for her eggs, Bhavisha enjoys them best scrambled or in a breakfast casserole.

Thank you for your time, Bhavisha! We wish you the best in the upcoming semester and in your future career!