Meet Fran Dement

Braswell Family Spotlight

Meet Fran Dement, she serves as our Feed Mill Analyst here at Braswell Family Farms. Fran spends her days creating invoices for feed, receiving feed orders and collecting data to enhance our feed mill operations. Fran works closely with Taylor and Jackie in her day-to-day, ensuring that our feed mill is operating in the most efficient manner.

Fran has been a Braswell Family member for 27 years and found out about the opportunity here through Lisa, our Vice President of Accounting. Lisa and Fran have known each other since they were two years old so it only made since that they continue their friendship as coworkers!

Speaking of coworkers, that's what Fran likes most about her job, the people. 

When Fran isn't spending her time at Braswell with her lifelong friends, she's spending time with her baby granddaughter, who is just shy of 15 weeks old.

Fran says the best way to serve a Braswell Family Farms egg is scrambled with sausage from our neighbor's at Bass Farms Sausage and we couldn't agree more. We love our friends down the street!